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VPK launches new website


Our partner VPK Packaging Group has just launched a new website, offering more customer centricity and more synergy on one, shared platform for the packaging divisions. Discover the new features on, switch countries in the footer for even more, customised content.  


More customer centricity and more synergy on one shared platform

What is new on the website?

1 - New, customer-oriented content

2 - One shared platform for our corrugated packaging and display divisions in Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Romania. You can easily switch countries by going to the country selector in the footer.

3 - Fresh and snappy design, fully in line with VPK's motto 
Close to you and your products  

What's next?

1 - Further optimisation of the existing content, navigation and functionalities

2 - Further integration of our remaining corrugated packaging divisions and our paper Division

3 - Translation to local country languages