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We’re pleased to welcome you to Blue Paper in Strasbourg

In Strasbourg, at the heart of Europe, we have a Product Showroom and Conference Room at the Blue Paper’s Strasbourg paper mill.

Product Showroom

You are looking for innovative packaging solutions? We pack it all.

In our Product Showroom we have compiled a selection of custom-made packaging from various industries for you, including a BBP gallery or introducing ourselves to you.

Our customers are always welcome to visit our Showroom or to visit the Blue Paper paper mill, where we would be delighted to show you the paper mill processes.

Conference Room

In our Conference Room we hold regular academy workshops, internal workshops, customer meetings and also provide a place where BBP colleagues are able to share packaging information and trends.

Blue Paper

Blue Paper’s Strasbourg paper mill produces paper used for the production of corrugated board. The products are made solely of 100% recovered paper in an environmentally friendly process.

The Blue Paper paper mill was started up in Strasbourg at the beginning of 2014. The French joint venture "Blue Paper SAS" that was founded with the BBP Partners Klingele Papierwerke (50%) and VPK Packaging Group (50%) was converted from a paper factory for making newspaper into a state-of-the-art production system for the manufacturing of lightweight base papers for corrugated board packaging. This progress lasted a period of about one year.

The paper machine has a cut working width of 8.54 m and can therefore cope perfectly well with the most commonly-used widths of the majority of modern corrugated paper production systems. The production is designed for an annual capacity of more than 350,000 tons of lightweight corrugated paper and Testliner (surface weight 70 to 135 g/m2).

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