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Please do not hesitate to contact our
Innovation Service Team.

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Özlem Bähr
Innovation Service

We provide you with creative and customised packaging designs

There are no limits to what we can pack. We design, produce and deliver corrugated board packaging for everything that needs to be packed. Whatever the product, our packaging solutions are always geared to the needs and requirements of our customers. We develop innovative and award-winning packing solutions. Please have a look at our selected innovations. The development of customised packaging starts with a deep understanding of the brand. To get a sense of what is important. A good package echoes the individuality of the product inside. More and more, we notice that for example e-commerce requires a personal touch, a unique experience for the end customer. In this sense, packaging can play a big role.

When can we begin with your unique customised solution?

Write a request to Özlem Arslan, Innovation Service and make use of our knowledge and experience to achieve success.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Shipment packaging for high value items

Shipment packaging with an integrated padding

Die-cut packaging for string potatoes and other light sensitive products

Shipment packaging for tennis rackets and equipment

Shipment packaging for high value items

Die-cut packaging for optimal stacking capability

A Display for promotional presentations

The environmentally friendly shoe box with integrated carry handle

Shipment packaging which needs no filling material

Die-cut packaging which is stackable due to its pushed edges

A Display for promotional presentations

The environmentally friendly shopping bag