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Don’t hesitate to write a request to Özlem Arslan, coordinator and consultant of the Customer Training.

We offer you target-oriented seminars

Özlem Bähr

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Özlem Bähr
Academy – Customer Training

In the course of many years and numerous projects, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in corrugated board, packaging and logistics. We are pleased to share this treasure with our customers and business partners. Many excellent solutions have already been developed together in this way, often in an informal or spontaneous manner.

Since the beginning of the Academy in early 2013 at Klingele Papierwerke in Germany, we also offer an attractive access to a systematic and institutionalised transfer of knowledge.

We have been offering our customers target-oriented seminars for years, in order to increase and enhance their know-how in various subjects concerning packaging. In our seminar programme we provide both basic information and also in-depth knowledge about paper manufacture, corrugated board, printing methods and much more.

We can thus also provide you with in-house seminars that have been specially adapted to your needs. Talk to us – we will put together seminar content that is suitable for you in accordance with your requirements.

We can offer you the opportunity to participate in seminars in the central administration of Klingele Papierwerke in Remshalden (Germany), near Stuttgart, or at one of our BBP factory sites.

Take advantage of our technical knowledge and learn everything you ever wanted to know about packaging.

Please have a look at the current academy programme