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91. Terms & Conditions - Applicable law and competent courts  
Applicable law and competent courtsThe Terms of Use of this website and its use and content are governed by and interpreted in accordance with Belgian law and any disputes relating to the Terms of…  
92. Terms & Conditions - Contact  
ContactFor Applications for information about the website or its content, please get in touch with us. You can find our address or our contact form here.  
93. Manager  
Armin Höttges, Managing Director BBP European Sales Manager for Germany and The Canary Islands Country Manager of BBP  
94. Manager  
Marc Daguzan, Deputy of the Managing Director European Sales Manager for France  
95. Manager  
Dr. Jan Klingele, Managing Partner BBP Member of the BBP Board Managing Partner Klingele Group  
96. Manager  
Jean-Paul Macharis, Managing Partner BBP Member and Chairman of the BBP Board Chairman VPK Packaging Group NV  
97. Manager  
Ruben Martinez, Managing Partner BBP Member of the BBP Board President of Hinojosa Group  
98. Manager  
Antonio Sada, Managing Partner BBP Member of the BBP Board Managing Director Cart-One Sada Division  
99. About Partners  
Cart-One S.R.L.Established in 1960 657 employees Head Office in Italy  
100. About Partners  
Hinojosa Packaging SolutionsEstablished in 1947 1,570 employees Head Office in Spain