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Our Strengths

Advantages from our European partnership

Together we
are strong

We are a comprehensive European packaging solution in a dynamically changing packaging market with a respectable market share.

Wide range of products and innovative packaging

We offer a wide range of products, and tried and tested logistics, dynamic services, best quality, a lean organisation and a strong capacity for innovation throughout Europe.

Modern facilities & technologies

We have modern facilities and cutting-edge technologies as well as lean business models which provide for a lean organisation.

Single point of contact
& wide presence

We have a single point of contact at a European level, combined with a European-wide presence which allows us to ensure constant quality and service.


We invigorate the market on an equal footing with other major suppliers, equipped with optimal individual competences.

Financial strength
and stability

We have financial strength and stability which guarantees investment in cutting-edge technology.

Regular meetings
within the alliance

We place great emphasis on regular communication within our alliance. In our Conference Room in Strasbourg we meet to exchange knowledge and experience.

High quality and sustainable products

We offer high-quality products that meet their needs in terms of economy, benefits, reliability and environmental compatibility.

Key Account Management

We provide our customers with key account management anywhere in Europe in their preferred language with short lines of communication.

Creative and award winning packaging

We offer creative packaging solutions, develop award-winning package designs and pool the immense expert knowledge of our alliance partners.


We are well-connected in terms of technology, organization, administration and personnel. This allows us to offer standardised packaging and services.