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Our Mission Statement

The Blue Box Partners
Vision, Mission and Values

Our motto for eternity!


We have a clear objective:

The optimum provision for our customers corrugated cardboard packaging needs.

All over Europe. One-stop shop. In any quantity. In all qualities. At any time.


Our aim is to be one of the Top-European suppliers for corrugated board packaging solutions. Always thinking of ways that will benefit our customers as well as our own development through creative innovation. We achieve this by:

  • Short lines of communication in the customers‘ preferred language
  • Providing a good working environment allowing employees to do their best and achieve their potentials every day
  • High amount of investment in cutting-edge technology for our solvency and stability
  • Creating more value for our customers with a continuous improvement process
  • Further roll-out of our activities in sales and R&D throughout Europe
  • Offering a wide range of products with continuous development, dynamic services and the best quality


  • Service and customer orientation

    • Our precise knowledge comes from actively listening to the challenges and requirements of our customers, market partners and colleagues.
    • We offer active and target-oriented advice and support in order to optimise processes.
    • We develop integrated solutions that we implement with complete motivation.
  • Partnership

    • We see honesty and appreciation as the basis for trusting and long-term collaboration with our market partners and colleagues.
    • As a fair and understanding partner, we create individual, innovative packaging solutions.
  • Trust

    • Mutual trust is the basis for a positive and fruitful relationship between the alliance partners.
    • Trust forms the foundations of our well-established and long-term customer relations.
    • We deeply appreciate our employees and treat each other fairly and with trust.
  • Dialogue

    • Continuous dialogue with customers, openness to their specific requirements, coupled with the passionate commitment to finding the best solution for them, are the important fundamental principles.
    • We place great emphasis on regular communication within our alliance. For example, we hold regular meetings in our Conference Room in Strasbourg.
  • Open-mindedness

    • We are curious and understanding concerning people and cultures. Based on our many years of experience in the market, we are also proud and confident.
    • We have a thirst for learning and are creative and flexible in our thinking and conduct.
    • We constantly develop innovative packaging solutions, thus becoming a pioneer for change on the market.
  • Reliability

    • As a reliable, European partner, we stand by our word
    • Our negotiations are always binding.
    • We guarantee long-term, continuous evaluating and implementing: internally for our employees and colleagues, and externally for our customers and partners.
  • Sustainability

    • We assume responsibility for our people and nature.
    • We see a balance between economic success and social responsibility as an inherent part of our partnership.
    • We are extremely aware of our commitment to sustainability, assume responsibility for our people and nature and organise our everyday business and actions in a sustainable, long-term manner.
  • Entrepreneurial thinking

    • We offer lean organisation. This is the best prerequisite for successful and target-oriented work.
    • We create efficient solutions and concepts with passion and a focus on success.