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We care about
our employees

Our employees stand at the very heart of our success – they devote their ideas, creativity, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to ensuring that we can do our very best for our customers. We support and nurture them through: targeted, customised professional development, a good work-life balance and a corporate culture focussed on involvement and mutual respect. We – and therefore ultimately you – reap the benefits, which are clear to see across Europe.

Pedelec / bike leasing model @ Klingele – benefits:

  • Klingele takes over the complete administrative handling
  • Extremely competitive cost
  • Internal insurance model with attractive rates
  • Bicycle lock and annual maintenance free of charge
  • Plants equipped with bicycle racks
  • Every employee can lease two pedelecs / bikes
  • Leasing program is offered at each Klingele plant

GRI 401: Employment, turnover and benefits

Working@Klingele: A moving experience

Case Klingele Papierwerke, Germany

Nowadays, no one can deny that a sustainability strategy not only needs to include processes within an organisation, but also across the entire supply chain. However, the issue of how employees actually get to work generally still lies in the “blind spot”. Klingele, in contrast, has already been offering its staff in Remshalden and Weener (paper mill) an attractive leasing model for pedelecs or classic bicycles for four years – heralding a pioneering service at the time of its introduction.

Klingele facilitates two pedelecs per employee, meaning that partners can get active on two wheels, too. Klingele takes care of the entire administrative process and has also opted for an internal insurance policy at extremely fair and attractive conditions. As an additional “sweetener”, Klingele provides free bicycle locks – and basic annual maintenance at the company's expense. Klingele has now extended the offer to all sites in Germany.

This initiative aims to motivate Klingele employees to leave the car at home as often as possible. It has been met with an exceptionally positive reception, and some colleagues now cycle up to 15 kilometres to work every morning, including even early shift workers. As expected, the most popular contenders, at around 70%, are the pedelecs. These models make even demanding routes easier. Many employees have also taken advantage of the opportunity to rent a second bike – after all, training is always more fun together. Other companies in the region have been infected by the “sporty spirit” at Klingele and now offer their workforce a similar model. Staff loyalty combined with active environmental protection and health care – when has the question as to the benefits of a measure ever been more convincingly answered?

Safety @work – campaign elements at Hinojosa:

  • Sensitization and education
  • Internal communication
  • Employee app, supporting information and engagement
  • Active participation of employees support identification with campaign topic
  • Regular safety trainings

GRI 403: Health and safety

Cross-media campaign on occupational safety

Case Hinojosa Group, Spain

Safety is and remains a huge concern in the production sector, and it is taken extremely seriously in all of our companies. With its cross-plant campaign on occupational safety, our Spanish partner Hinojosa has gone one step even further – and now also reaches all of its staff via a new app.

The campaign “Don’t be reckless with your safety” is part of a larger programme on the topic of occupational safety, which consists of training courses, communication and research. It aims to raise awareness of the subject amongst Hinojosa’s employees, whilst also offering important information and practical tips. The slogan “Don’t be reckless with your safety” (Spanish: Con tu seguridad no te cortes) plays on the double meaning of the word corte in Spanish and means both “don’t hurt yourself” and “don’t be reckless”. To strengthen staff identification with the topic, some of the plant employees even modelled for the posters. Another key role in prevention is also played by the safety training courses that Hinojosa regularly organises for its staff. In 2017, for instance, 27% of all training courses held by the Group dealt with safety topics.

During everyday work, a cross-channel, internal communication system ensures that important safety information reaches all staff. In order to further enhance the alignment of information communication requirements with current user habits, Hinojosa has developed the app “Somos H” for its employees. This channel is used to inform them of the latest news at work, including new staff appointments, training courses, customer visits, awards, events, innovations and, of course, safety information. Every employee can use the app and comment on the information. But more importantly, the app has dramatically reduced the barrier to the open reporting safety-related incidents at work. It also offers a channel to share information quickly and generate active follow-up. Everyone can use the platform to share ideas and suggestions for best practices and improvements. The app is user-friendly and enables the rapid upload of images – all in a straightforward manner with little administrative effort, thus making everyday work both “social” and “safe” for everyone.

“With Metatop. Hinojosa opens up attractive perspectives for ambitious high-potentials. At the same time, we create a culture of lifelong and inter- disciplinary learning in the company and secure our company’s future success.”

Ruben Martinez (President of Hinojosa Group)

GRI 404: Training and education

Learning for leadership

Case Hinojosa Group, Spain

Hinojosa cultivates a working environment where managers, specialists and young potentials can grow and are supported in their personal and professional development. In this respect, Hinojosa is focusing particularly on its management as the main driver of corporate development: To strengthen interdisciplinary teamwork and customercentric innovation, Hinojosa has created a special workshop format bringing together managers from different business areas for cooperation on a complex subject. HI-talent has been developed as a specialized program to increase the combined strength and capability of Hinojosas management team. Over a period of 18 months, 28 participants from various functions have participated, working on 15 different project tasks.

The program has shown tremendous success, resulting in a closer cooperation between managers of different business areas - within the workshop and far beyond. Most important, participants actually came to value teamwork as a key differentiator of Hinojosa. Moreover, their skillsets have improved, being provided with the opportunity to learn from one another on complex topics they might otherwise never have worked on, and have benefited a lot from sharing knowledge with others. For its employer branding, Hinojosa is planning to play HI-talent as a key differentiator when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

Training for the next generation

Next to the development of the current management, Hinojosa also seeks to grow young potentials into a position of leadership: With the Metatop program, Hinojosa periodically selects a group of individuals to participate in a cycle of eight training modules where they are working on all aspects of the business. After each cycle, HR drafts an individual report on each participant, which supports the design of clear career paths for each individual person taking part in the workshops.

Metatop is a career program benefiting both participants and their employer: Hinojosa creates a constant pool of high-potentials, who are already familiar to the company’s working culture - and who are capable and motivated to take up a position with greater responsibility. A clear itinerary with tailor-made training and development programs supports their career, secures the future success of Hinojosa, and helps to create a culture of lifelong and interdisciplinary learning in the company.