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Social and Environmental Responsibility are a matter of course for the Blue Box Partners sustainability commitment

We assume responsibility towards people and nature!

Industry and trade are becoming increasingly focussed on the principles of sustainable business. With their closed materials cycle based on renewable sources, corrugated cardboard and base paper perfectly fulfill these requirements and also offer advantages when it comes to recycling. The environmental issues, society and employees play a significant role.

The BBP partners are extremely aware of their commitment to sustainability, assume responsibility towards people and nature and organise their everyday business and actions in a sustainable, long-term manner. As family-run companies and manufacturers of ecological products, sustainability is firmly anchored as one of the BBP partners’ fundamental principles.This means that we use specific measures to implement the concept of sustainability throughout our entire value chain, from the selection of our machines, materials and components to the delivery of our packaging to our customers.

  • Social Responsibility

    • Family-friendly jobs: The BBP partners offer family-friendly jobs with rich prospects and fulfill our social responsibility towards local communities.
    • Family-run companies: As traditional family-run companies, it is important for us to harmonise our economic, social and environmental objectives.
    • Seminars for employees: All BBP partners regularly and thoroughly train their employees and uphold life-long learning through further education incentives and seminars.
    • Customer Training: In our Academy, based at Klingele Papierwerke, we offer customers target-oriented seminars, in order to increase and enhance your know-how in various subjects concerning packaging.
      >>> See more about our academy and the programme
    • Cultural and sport events: All BBP partners support a range of cultural and sporting events, artists, educational initiatives, study facilities, etc. for their employees.
    • Social commitments: The BBP partners sponsor several community associations and foundations.
    • Health promotion: The health and safety of employees is a top priority of the BBP partners.
    • Health and safety working environment: We maintain a high level of Health & Safety on all sites and within the community, along with a clean and efficient working environment.
    • Sedex: All BBP partners are members of the non-profit organisation Sedex, which is dedicated to making global supply chain business practices more responsible and ethical. Key areas in our numerous measures include labour standards, health and safety in the workplace, the environment and business ethics.

      >>> See more about our Sedex registrations

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  • Environmental Responsibility: Production Process

    • State-of-the art machinery: All partners use modern machinery for intelligent and environmentally-friendly production processes.
    • Resource-saving procedures: All BBP partners have resource-saving procedures in the production of paper and corrugated board packaging.
    • Supply and use of 100% waste paper: We supply waste paper to BBP paper mills through regional, long-term cooperative agreements and we use 100% waste paper.
    • Recycling of waste: We’re recycling waste from production, and we reintroduce it into the production cycle.
    • Renewable energies: We use several renewable energies and we use non-recyclable production waste.The paper mill Weener Energie in Germany is heated by a highly efficient RDF Power Plant. At our paper mill Blue Paper in Strasbourg we have a Biomass Power Plant and a Sewage Plant. We also have Wind Energy Plants and Photovoltaic Energy at our partners’ plants.
    • Water management: We have a ultra-modern plant for biological treatment of waste water. For example most of the water VPK Packaging Group uses is sourced from rivers or surface water reservoirs and is recirculated internally.
    • Efficient logistics: We supply corrugated base paper from the paper mill Blue Paper in Strasbourg to the BBP plants – waste paper returned to Blue Paper
    • Transparent process chain: We have RFID-supported intralogistics which allow a transparent pallet management and logistics chain.
    • High Quality Standards: Internationally recognised certificates confirm our high standards of energy and environment management, hygiene, quality and product safety.We have FSC® CoC certifications for our paper mills and box plants. This is our guarantee that the raw materials used are secondary raw materials - with a traceable origin.
      >> See more about our high quality standards
    • Reduce of carbon emissions: All partners reduce carbon emissions through efficient utilisation and planning of transport.
    • Life Cycle Assessment of products: In Italy we have taken up the cycle of life of products to obtain an EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration) certification.
      >> See more about the LCA sudies

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  • Environmental Responsibility: Products and Solutions

    • Eco-friendly products: All partners develop eco-friendly products and solutions.
    • Packaging optimisation: Customer benefits and environmental protection are at the forefront of packaging development – we continuously optimise packaging concepts in terms of material use and resource conservation.
    • Material-saving products: We’re developing innovative and material-saving products and packaging concepts.
    • Continuous Research & Development: All partners undertake continuous Research & Development towards new technologies to better improve environmental concerns.
    • Carbon-neutral packaging: Carbon-neutral packaging as a result of carbon offset.We have a cooperation with Climate Partner in Germany, for example.
      >> Read more about the cooperation with Climate Partner
    • Purchase recycled, reusable and recyclable materials: All partners work closely with our supply chains, to specify and purchase sustainable, recycled, reusable and recyclable materials whenever possible.We use and actively promote recycled products and recycle materials where possible within the alliance.
    • Use of natural resources: All partners use natural resources in a responsible way to reduce waste and conserve energy and water.
    • Sustainable corrugated base paper sources: We use corrugated base paper manufactured from recycled waste paper, sustainably managed forests or other controlled sources.

    Do you wish more details about the partners' sustainability performance?
    Please use our contact form to get in touch with us.