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The management faces behind the alliance

We have a team-oriented management style!

"As independent family-run companies, we are distinguished by solidarity with our business partners and employees, and gladly assume responsibility. With a focus on people, society and the environment, we design our business in a respectful and sustainable manner. Our products and production meet the highest standards.

We deeply appreciate our employees and treat each other with respect. The commitment, know-how and creativity of our employees at all of our European offices are our greatest asset. We can rely on each other. We treat each other fairly and with trust. Our team-oriented transparent management style is the basis for an atmosphere of mutual trust, and openess as well as constructive and transnational cooperation. Mutual respect and appreciation are the prerequisites for the friendly atmosphere nurtured by Blue Box Partners.

This is why we not only uphold a collaborative management style, but also a policy of open communication. This unique culture forms the very foundations of our European success."

Armin Höttges

Armin Höttges,
Managing Director BBP

  • European Sales Manager for Germany and The Canary Islands
  • Country Manager of BBP

Marc Daguzan,
Deputy of the Managing Director

  • European Sales Manager for France

Jean-Paul Macharis,
Managing Partner BBP

  • Member and Chairman of the BBP Board
  • Chairman VPK Packaging Group NV

Dr. Jan Klingele,
Managing Partner BBP

  • Member of the BBP Board
  • Managing Partner Klingele Group

Ruben Martinez,
Managing Partner BBP

  • Member of the BBP Board
  • President of Hinojosa Group

Antonio Sada,
Managing Partner BBP

  • Member of the BBP Board
  • Managing Director Cart-One Sada Division