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Group Structure

Partnering for success with a well-established and clear organisation

We are always ready for takeoff!

Our organisation has evolved over the years and has clear, well-established work and communication processes.These include numerous teams with different areas of responsibility and useful tools, such as a common web-based platform to exchange information and coordinate customer related activities. We place great emphasis on regular communication within our alliance. For example, we hold regular meetings, to exchange knowledge and experience, at our conference room in Strasbourg at the Blue Paper paper mill.

  • BBP Board

    The owners of the four alliance partners meet regularly to discuss the direction of BBP with the Managing Director. Their elected spokesman is in direct contact with the Managing Director of BBP and supports him in all strategic matters.

  • BBP Managing Director

    The Managing Director of BBP is responsible for the continuous development of activities in Europe. He coordinates all internal and external policies and implements the strategic objectives of the owners with the ESM’s and the European Support Team.The Deputy Managing Director works closely together with the Managing Director and exchanges ideas continuously.

  • European Sales Manager (ESM)

    The six ESM’s are the designated persons responsible for assigned existing strategic customers or new European target customers throughout Europe. Strategic discussions with customers and the subsequent dialogue with his nominated R&D Manager and his assistants (Operation Team) ensure that the strategic alignment is in line with customer requirements.

  • Research & Development Team (R&D Team)

    The R&D Team is responsible for the exchange of all customer-related aspects in the field of packaging development, for the printing on packages and for continuous innovation management. The benchmark of the partners and the exchange of important information in this area are also maintained via a web-based platform. Each customer is supported in his country by designated individuals who are supported by the R&D Manager. There is a close cooperation between ESM’s, NSO and the R&D Team.

  • European Support Team

    The Support Team is responsible for the European administration such as contract management in collaboration and under the responsibility of the ESM’s and the team is responsible for customer-related documents. The Support Team supports the ESM’s and the Operation Team with the management of tenders and other activities related to our customers. The leader of the Support Team is responsible for the European management in consultation with the Managing Director or his deputy.

  • European Operation Team

    The European Operation Team is responsible for the European country-specific administration, contract management and national customer-related documents.The Operation Team supports the ESM with the management of tenders and other activities concerning our customers. The Operation Team is the coordination centre for the European countries and their BBP plants.

  • BBP Marketing

    The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for the brand positioning in the marketplace. The marketing activities and the corporate identity of Blue Box Partners are based on a common concept and a corporate language.The Marketing Coordinator works closely with four people from the marketing departments from the BBP Partners in order to pool and merge the marketing activities of the organisation.

  • National Sales Organisation (NSO)

    The NSO is the designated team responsible for the assigned customers on a national level. Operational support for national customers and the subsequent dialogue is the national basis for the optimal implementation of the European sales strategy.

  • Country Manager

    The managers in charge of the European countries are in contact with the Managing Director to ensure the coordination of BBP activities with the relevant ESM’s and the NSO. Regular meetings of the Managing Director with the owners, the Country Manager, the ESM’s and R&D Manager’s support the continued success of the entire organisation.

  • Technical Team

    The Technical Team is responsible for exchanging information on technically relevant developments in the field of production and mechanical equipment. The main tasks of this team are maintaining the benchmark of the partners as well as the exchange of relevant technical information and new developments in technical equipment. Each BBP Partner provides a designated person for this exchange. The team is coordinated and supported by the Technical Team Coordinator.