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  • E-Commerce packaging plays a crucial role during all "Moments of Truth". Experience compelling packaging designs created by our Europeans teams.

  • ECOGRIP - Be inspired by our range of adaptable and biodegradable solutions!

    Sustainable packaging is an important issue for our planet, especially when it comes to single-use plastics that are not biodegradable. Shrink wrap is a growing concern, and a new packaging concept called ECOGRIP has been developed by the combined expertise of Blue Box Partners.

  • Sustainability Report 2019

    In the second BBP sustainability report, we present examples and successes of our sustainability strategy based on the GRI standards. Find out more in our online version about we produce in a resource-conserving way, how we protect our environment and how we care about our employees.

  • Frustration Free Packaging unboxing

    Amazon strengthen their Frustration Free Packaging program. Learn more about this sustainable packaging initiative to reduce waste.

  • Blue Box Partners (BBP), the pan-European Alliance, provides you with the
    optimum supplies for corrugated board packaging solutions. All over Europe.
    One-stop shop. In any quantity. In all qualities. At any time.

  • Our European Sales Managers (ESMs) look after the interests of customers who are shared by more than one production plant in Europe, thus providing them with a single point of contact within the alliance. We will be glad to cater to your every expectation.

  • Our first European cross-functional "Customer Centricity Bootcamp" ended on Friday, April 13th with very good results. You can see the first video of this event now! Please follow us on our LinkedIn page.

  • We provide you with creative and customised packaging design. There are no limits to what we can pack. We design, produce and deliver corrugated board packaging for everything that needs to be packed.

  • We work with passion, competence and professionalism. We focus our activities on our European customers in order to support their success. Satisfied customers and valuable partnerships are of paramount importance to us and are the key to our success.

  • Blue Box Partners Alliance is developing Europe-wide packaging solutions and is expanding the packaging market sustainable. As a partner of companies of all sizes, we brace the transnational production and delivery of corrugated cardboard packaging with several operational sites in Europe.