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BBP Italy: A “Learing Center” for the Sada employees has been launched


The “Learning Center” is a training and improving programme for the managers, the ownership and to anybody who is interested in. It is organised by Sada Division. The drivers are understanding and identifying with other people’s work, deepening more and more the industrial processes.

The “Learning Center” lasts two hours and takes place twice per month. At the beginning, there were only five participants and now we have reached a number of 15-20 participants. All the participants can explain their own daily job to the others, their difficulties and how to manage the accidents.

The topics deal with: accounting, the production planning (corrugator trim, machinery and accidents), the raw material purchasing (papers, orders, standards, tests), food contact compliance, IT risks and firewall, kind of boxes and relative machines to use (how the case makers, the die cuttings and rotary die cuttings work). The next topics will be: logistics, authorization to build a new building, maintenance and production.

„We place great emphasis on regular communication within Sada“, comments Valentina Sada, Marketing Manager. We are mostly proud of our people’s passion when they explain the topics to everybody, the competence and the desire to tell about their own job, the curiosity which moves people to make questions, the will of improving, the increase of the knowledge about all the aspects of the packaging (product, process, structure, etc.) and the way to share packaging information and trends.